Sun International Foods and Asian Feature Restaurant to Vend at Taste of Diversity

Sun International Foods and Asian Feature Restaurant will be bringing some great Burmese and Thai food to the festival this year! Kevin Lin and his wife Stephanie Lin started an inexpensive takeout restaurant and grocery store on the West Side for the Burmese community in November of 2010, but found it difficult to handle both ventures. With all the customers flocking to the restaurant, they realized there was more potential in the food service aspect of the business. Stephanie and Kevin have decided to invest all of their time in the restaurant, and are in the midst of a major building project. By mid to late May, Sun International will be able to seat more than fifty people. “We put in a seed and watched it sprout,” said Kevin. “And now were seeing leaves.”

People coming to the restaurant may recognize Kevin from his years as a sushi chef at Wegmans. After five years living in Japan, Kevin had a taste for various cuisines. If you visit Sun, you can ask him what his favorite dish is, but more than likely hell have difficulty answering you. “I can eat anything, I can love anything,” he says. He named his favorite on that day: the eggplant special, which is crispy eggplant mixed with onion, green onion, bell pepper, basil leaves and homemade sauce. The restaurant specializes in Burmese and Thai dishes, but also serves Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean dishes.

Kevin has been involved in Taste of Diversity since the beginning. At its roots, the festival began as a meeting of Burmese locals preparing food in their homes and coming together to celebrate their culture. Kevin was a part of those meetings, and has seen the growth of the festival through the years. Last year Sun wowed festivalgoers with Thai papaya salad and traditional Burmese leaf salad. This year, Sun plans to prepare two Burmese dishes: Samusa and Own No Koksware (an egg noodle soup with coconut milk, chicken, tamarind, boiled egg, onion, fish sauce, and crispy flat noodle).

If youd like to visit Sun International and Asian Feature restaurant and say hi to Kevin, you can find it at 1989 Niagara Street. Its open from 11am to 10pm Monday through Saturday, and noon to 10pm on Sundays.