Shakti Yoga Joins Taste of Diversity

Shakti Yoga will be tabling this year at the Taste of Diversity! Michelle Gigante, the director and founder, will have a table to talk about yoga and about the studio.

Shakti Yoga has daily classes in the style of vinyasa, which translates to “mindful flow,” or breath and motion as one. Michelle and those who work with her believe that the yoga helps us flow off and on the mat with the challenges in our lives; that there’s practicality in taking what we learn into homes, work, relationships, and the community.

After deciding to move out of her space on Lexington to somewhere on the West Side, Michelle immediately knew the space on Grant was right for her. The building was originally a bank built in 1923. “I tried to keep as much of the original space as possible,” commented Michelle. The space has its original ceiling, with the addition of heated floors and paintings done by a local artist. The business opened on January 1st of 2010.

Michelle has an affinity for people who own homes and businesses on the West Side. She understands the needs in the community, and so has donation-based classes for students who otherwise couldn’t afford them.

Several other specialists work with Michelle to provide even more for the community. Monica Zucco specializes in gentle, restorative and slow vinyasa. and Laura Willis specializes in Thai massage and teaches yoga classes. Classes require no prerequisites, and are often accompanied by live music.