Planning underway!

Friends of the Festival,

Laura here. Last night our 2012 planning team congregated at 245 Lafayette, mere yards from the location where Taste of Diversity will host a street celebration to top all celebrations in less than four months!

Our sub-committees are staffed with volunteers who love the West Side and the incredible range of cultural backgrounds throughout 14213. Last night two Grant Street business owners came over after work to add their voices to our Outreach committee. Community organizers from Houghton College and Journeys End created an action plan to enable recently resettled refugees to cook at the festival. Meanwhile, the Music and Entertainment committee debated the location of our main stage. Yes, things are hopping around here!

Are you interested in participating in Taste of Diversity 2012 as a volunteer or a vendor? Please contact us! We would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, Ill be over here with my priorities chart and permit applications, dreaming of a sunny Saturday in June!