Mehndi Tattoo Artist Mehandi Mahal to join Taste of Diversity!

Mehandi Mahal began her business in 2009 because of her passion for the art of mehndi, or applying henna. “I adore henna,” she notes. “The science of making a 100% natural and effective paste and the art of mehndi is symbolic, traditional and sensual.” While she sells her homemade henna paste and designs online, she also offers her services at corporate and private henna parties such as bridal showers, weddings, parties, blessingway ceremonies, sangeets, and belly dancing events.

Mehandi’s services are unique because of how she prepares her henna paste. “My service [is] applying mehndi tattoos and selling a 100% natural, freshly made preservative-and-chemical-free, pure and dark-staining body art product.” She specializes in traditional Indian patterns, but she also does Arabic, Hebrew, Western and Celtic designs.

Mehandi Mahal is joining Taste of Diversity this year to sell her freshly made henna products and to do freehand henna tattoos. If you’d like to see her online shop, check it out here, or find her on facebook here to book her for an event!